Rifle Meeker

by StaG

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Our debut effort: Rifle Meeker took about a year for us to finish recording. This has been a major project for us both musically and in terms of a life achievement. To me Rifle Meeker is about a lot of things. It's about living in a city I didn't think was right for me. It's about missing California and feeling like I was stuck along the seventeen-hour drive between Boulder and Calabasas, CA, constantly seeing road signs for places like Rifle, CO and Meeker, CO. It's also about going through a few months of constant panic attacks about issues that were way over my head. I think overall, though, it's an album about accepting that life in my early 20s comes with a lot of transitions and that relying on the constants in my life, that I care about, will make things a bit more manageable.



released May 10, 2011

All songs written and performed by Will Walden and Matthew McGuire

Extra guitar by Matthew Berstein on "Malcom," "Turn Away," and "Tired."

Extra drums by Carson Pelo on "Morsels"

Mastered by Rande Kamolz

and thanks to the existence of basements

to contact email: heyitsstag@gmail.com



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StaG Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: I Swim (Bare)
I swim bare
Lost for now
One thing left
I swim bare
Track Name: Malcom
It's only harm
Hard to ignore, but
Afterwards the money cares
And I'll be late first
Call point a fact
All I have left
Is a want,
A selfish want
For her to come first

Pulled away short
I had a doubt
Of anything that came alone
And made sure I worked
I caught my head on
A window on third
I was looking for
The sum I lost
Cause I had no girth

I can't ignore
When it's always there
Track Name: Turn Away
I'm on time
In my car, but
My mind's long
A little far from home

I want to
But my conscious
Tears me raw
And the voice is off
What is all this for
What is all this for

I don't want to hear my own
I don't want to hear my own again
But I don't want to turn away
I don't want to turn away from them

Track Name: Rifle
It's my fault
My head's on backwards
It won't take long (for)
My chest to follow

Give my best
To my front side
I'll be gone
I've chosen the back
Track Name: Offwise
It's locked away
A ton of us just saw
No need to pray
The beast is just unmoved
I was the child
Who broods alone upstairs
This is that mild
Nothing but a frown

I don't feel bad
He probably likes his cage
I guess it's best
To let both sides win
It's locked away
A ton of us just saw
No need to pray
The beast is just afraid
Track Name: Whatapity
Traded it all
for a bad habit
What a pity
Track Name: Everyone is Plaster
I hated this place
It smelled like fire
With no results
But was I wrong
Was it me
Without the spark
Track Name: Tired
If you wait
All day
It's a lie
I will be afriad
But if I leave
I may
Know the place
I fear the most for our lives

9 times out of 10
It's just a buckethead
It's just a waste of time
So call on all your friends
And call them off my back
I'm losing strength

And I am tired now
And I was tired then
Track Name: Optimist
I once was an optimist
For it all
Not true now, all of this
False hope
Try my best to hold my head up in the air
But I fold again

My time with the neurosis
for the fall
Left me cold for fucking bliss
Come on
I try my best to hold my head up in the air
But I fold again
Track Name: Noise
I just want to make some noise with you
But I'm doing the hard time
Where no one's listening
Track Name: Morsels (For a Task)
Oliver take my hand
All of us starlit
And Trading signs in Marquee lines
All of us timing

Kia I put my trust
Kia I lost my voice

A piece of me is golden rod
Painted by a scab
A slab of fat on your deviled eggs
I'm a morsel for a task

Johnny I left my house
Johnny I guessed your age